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"Feedbax is our go-to for finding the right agencies for our projects!"

In just 3 easy steps to the perfect service provider!

At Feedbax, you'll have a dedicated Client Success Manager who dives deep into your project. They ensure that you connect with top providers perfectly suited to your needs and budget.


Personal Consultation and Rough Cost Estimation

  • Requirements Analysis & Consultation
  • Insights into Market Pricing
  • Rough Project Estimate

Anonymized Project Brief and Application Phase

  • Anonymized Project Brief
  • Distribution to Suitable Providers
  • Collection of Applications

Selection of Top Providers Matching Your Budget

  • Pre-qualification of Interested Providers
  • Quality Check of Proposals
  • Selection of Top Providers

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With our comprehensive and up-to-date market data, we consistently help you find the ideal provider for your project.

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Our procedure for your project inquiry is as follows:

  1. After receiving your request, we will contact you personally within 24 hours.
  2. We will work with you to specify your requirements and will be happy to advise you.
  3. We advertise your project anonymously on our platform and contact potential service providers, ask them for their applications and collect their offers.
  4. Our experts carefully review all incoming applications and create your individual list of the best providers based on the best applications.
  5. We establish contact between you and these best service providers.
  6. If required, we will accompany you in an advisory capacity until the contract is signed.

What Services Does Feedbax Offer?

Feedbax specializes in assisting you in identifying suitable IT service providers and digital agencies, based on your unique requirements. We conduct a thorough analysis in our databases and on the Internet, post anonymous tenders, and carefully evaluate offers to present you with tailored agency suggestions, which we summarize in clear documentation for you.

How Does Feedbax Ensure the Confidentiality of My Data?

Your data will be treated with strict confidentiality. Your projects will be published anonymously on our platform. We guarantee to consistently remove any reference to your company. Once the application phase is complete, we will select the most suitable service providers for you and present their offers to you. Your contact details will then only be shared with these selected providers so that they can get in touch with you to coordinate their offers.

Will My Data Be Shared After the Search Is Concluded?

After we have presented you with the best providers and their offers, we will only share your contact details with these selected providers, who will then get in touch with you. You can how many providers should be selected when you submit your project request.

What Happens After I've Made a Decision?

Please communicate your decision directly with the relevant providers and inform us in order to conclude our search and tendering. We also encourage you to provide feedback on our service and your decision to continually optimize our services.

How Detailed Does the Project Description Need to Be That You Require?

A comprehensive specification document is our preferred basis for cooperation. However, we often encounter inquiries of a more general nature, from which we identify the relevant conditions. Even if the details are rather roughly formulated, we incorporate the intended area of application, the industry context, and the company size into our recommendations. Sometimes additional needs arise through further inquiries to your company.

How Does Feedbax Generate Revenue Through This Service?

Our primary goal is to expand our offerings for clients like you through this service and to increase Feedbax's prominence. Through the published search projects, we acquire new service providers and agencies as paying subscribers, which financially support Feedbax even without specific projects. As a client, you naturally have the option to contact the providers directly at any time.

How Are the Timeframes for Tenders Structured?

You can typically expect initial feedback from us within 48 hours. As we also investigate and contact providers whose offers are not detailedly known to us, suggestions might come in after a few days. During the anonymous tender phase, tips and suggestions from providers are also possible. The tender period automatically ends after a duration of 2 months but can be extended as per your needs. Additionally, you have the option to end a tender before its official expiration; we will then mark it as "completed."

Do you also handle search inquiries from large corporations with complex requirements?

Yes, our industry experts have accumulated substantial experience in conducting provider searches for large, multinational firms with multiple branches and over 10,000 employees.

Fortunately, we have also consistently received positive feedback indicating that a service provider identified by us was ultimately selected as the winner of the bid.

What happens if I do not accept any of the submitted proposals?

Absolutely nothing! Our suggestions are completely non-binding and come with no obligations. Of course, you are free to opt for an alternative service provider or decide against all proposed vendors.

Is this service truly completely free of charge?

Yes, our service for agency referrals and project tenders is free of charge for you as a client.

Of course, we are grateful for a recommendation or linking if you were satisfied with our assistance and we could be of help to you.

After which criteria do you select the best providers?

We base our proposals on the requirements and preferences you tell us. An anonymous request is formulated. We then search our databases for suitable providers. Our research also includes a review of current technology trends. We provide you with the best agencies identified and gather additional information from potential vendors as needed. The project status and the providers or solutions investigated are recorded for you in clear and structured documentation, so that you can see the relevance of the service providers directly from the answers to project-specific questions.

Can I also use your search service as a company founder?

Yes, when setting up a company, we place special emphasis on taking project costs into account and, depending on the industry, also on allowing flexible and scalable project progress.

Do you also assist with final vendor selection?

Yes, at your request, we also support the vendor selection process. Our free research service already takes a lot of work off your hands, which is something that client companies always emphasize. Once we have suggested suitable service providers, the selection phase usually begins. Depending on the situation, this can be relatively straightforward (e.g. if there is a clear favorite) or extremely time-consuming if additional information has to be obtained and methodically evaluated.

Since many companies often have neither the time nor the human resources for this phase, we offer our support here.

Simply contact us for targeted support at +49 (0)2131 9393 757 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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